Cookd Story

Would you believe us if we told you that our journey started at a quaint little college canteen in Erode? It all started when our CEO Aathi leased the canteen during his final year to learn how it functions. And that is where Aathi learned to cook and felt that sweet rewarding sensation of cooking his own meal for the first time ever, thus discovering his passion for cooking!

What started as an experimental journey blossomed into a beautiful vision to show people that cooking wholesome food at home is simple and easy! And thus, years later, we were born to simplify cooking for you!

Meet Aathi (Founder & CEO)

Passionate foodie and home cook, loving husband, athlete, loves calling himself tiger, thoroughly enjoys bragging about his cricket trophies, CEO, entrepreneur, the list goes on and on. Describing Aathi, in a nutshell, may be difficult, but defining his dream isn’t.

Aathi’s dream is as simple as it gets: A world where everyone can experience the joy of cooking food and realising how simple and essential it was all along!

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Meet Sanjna (Culinary Head)

Sanjna isn't your typical Culinary Head; she's the complete package! From inspiring the team with her unparalleled culinary skills to spearheading multiple initiatives, her undying resolve to push our brand shows in the mindblowing convenience, taste and purity of our products!


Here's a fun fact for you: Sanjna chose Culinary Arts because she didn't want to study hard anymore. However, she's the one who pushed herself the most to grow her expertise. Ironic, right?


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That’s everything so far :)

Celebrate this milestone of launching our very own products by trying them out!

(Once you do, cooking will never be the same again)

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