Conserving water starts from the kitchen!

Conserving water starts from the kitchen! - Cookd Ventures Private Limited

Today is World Water Day, and one of the most significant areas where water is used in the kitchen, particularly while cooking. However, there are several ways we can save water while cooking without compromising the quality of our food. 

Here are some tips to help you save water while cooking:

Use the right amount of water: Many of us use more water than needed while cooking. Instead, measure the water required for the recipe and use only that much. For instance, when cooking rice, measure the water using a measuring cup instead of just adding water to the pot and pouring the excess out. 

Reuse water: When you boil vegetables or pasta, the water used can be reused for other purposes. For example, make soup or a sauce with the stock.

Cook in batches: When you're cooking for a large group of people, cook in batches instead of preparing everything at once. This way, you can reuse the water used for cooking multiple times, reducing the amount of water used. For instance, you can reuse the water used to boil pasta for multiple batches. 

Use a pressure cooker: Pressure cookers are an excellent way to save water while cooking. They require less water to cook food, and the food is cooked faster, saving time and energy.

Steam vegetables: Steaming vegetables is a great way to save water as it uses very little water to cook them. You can use a steamer basket or a colander/steel strainer over a pot of boiling water to steam the vegetables.

Don't leave the tap running: When you're washing fruits and vegetables or cleaning dishes, don't leave the tap running continuously. Instead, fill a bowl with water and use it to wash them. In the Indian kitchen, we can use the water used to wash rice to water our plants.

Thaw food in the refrigerator: Thawing food in the refrigerator instead of using running water is a great way to save water. It takes a longer time, but it's a more efficient and safe way to thaw food.

Use leftover water: If you have leftover water in a glass or a bottle, use it to water plants or to rinse dishes.

It's not a big theory, thus deploying some effective methods help us save more water and conserve the water bodies for future generations. 

In conclusion, saving water while cooking is easy, and it doesn't require any special effort. By implementing these simple tips, you can do your part in conserving water while enjoying delicious meals. 

Happy World Water Day!