What’s The Difference?

What’s The Difference? - Cookd Ventures Private Limited

What’s the difference between a pot, kadai, stainless steel pan, nonstick pan, and a wok?

Here’s some basic insight on the differences between these utensils, to help you choose better and cook the right way.

  1. Pot :
    Pots are a heavy-duty utensil that is used to make large quantities of food. They can vary in size. It can be used to boil rice, slow cook gravies and meat, make biryani, roast meat, or even bake a cake. Pots are usually double bottomed i.e., it has an extra layer on the bottom to absorb heat gradually and avoids letting the food get burnt.

  2. Kadai :
    Kadai’s are multipurpose utensils that is used to make various dishes which include sauteeing, boiling, frying, and deep frying. They come in a non-stick and stainless steel variant. A Kadai Is the most common utensil in an Indian household.

  3. Wok :
    Woks are a heavy-duty utensils mainly used in preparing Asian dishes, mainly Chinese food. They can withstand high amounts of heat and also heat up really fast. It can be used to make fried rice, noodles, and tossed or stir-fried meat or vegetable and hence the fast food. Woks should be seasoned well with oil or salt on a high heat before putting them to use. The colour of the wok will change over time and gets dark, which means it is well seasoned.

  4. Stainless steel pan :
    Stainless steel pans are mainly used for grilling red meat, and making sauces and gravies.
    Stainless steel pans also come in 2 variants. One with a double bottom for higher durability and one without it. They get seasoned over time depending on the usage.

  5. Non-Stick Pan :
    Non-stick pans/ pots are utensils that come with an inner Teflon coating that is used to grill/cook delicate items like fish, eggs etc. It is also used to make pancakes, dosas, toast. It stands for its name, nothing sticks to the bottom or sides of the pan and is very convenient to use. Things to avoid while using a nonstick pan are to never use a metal spoon, ladle or slicer on it as it will scrape off the coating from the pan and there are chances of it dissolving into your food. While washing a non-stick pan, use a nylon scrubber or apply soap on your hand and wipe off the residue. Do not use a metal scrubber.