Viral Food Trends Of 2022

Viral Food Trends Of 2022 - Cookd Ventures Private Limited

The 2020 lockdown brought our everyday life to a standstill. And while almost everyone was stuck not knowing what to do because their usual everyday life was put to a halt, people decided to venture into their kitchen in search of trying to do something new. This gave birth to a bunch of food that became a trend that everyone wanted to try and post on social media because of its virality. Almost 80% of planet earth knew what dalgona coffee or banana bread was. This gave rise to food trends on Instagram and TikTok. Not every trend was welcomed with a smile. Some trends had major backlash because it was either disgusting or wasn’t the viewer’s cup of tea.

Here are some of the trends of the past year that were either good, bad or ugly. You can check them and fit them into your own categories :P.

  1. Orange juice with espresso :
    This is a recent trend going around on Instagram and TikTok. It is becoming everyone’s go-to drink for breakfast. The drink has a flavour that can’t be explained but somehow the sweetness from the orange juice and the bitterness from the coffee mixed together worked for a lot of them. It was a “best of both worlds type drink” giving everyone the freshness of orange juice and the caffeine dose from the coffee. It is an acquired taste. So you can try it and see if it works for you or not!!
  2. Chilli oil:
    Chilli oil is probably one of the biggest trends going around the world. It has crossed boundaries and ethnicities and made its way into almost every household on planet earth. It is simple and has a burst of flavour and spice that feels comforting in a way. In India, Maggi noodles is everyone’s favourite and chilli oil is becoming a replacement for the Maggi masala. This is big news because Maggi is irreplaceable. If you like garlic, if you like a little spice, chilli oil is your match!!
  3. Masala Dosa Ice cream:
    Masala dosa ice cream came into existence when a street food vendor in Delhi woke up and decided to make ice cream rolls with masala dosa and vanilla ice cream. It got a lot of mixed reactions and almost changed the course of the world. People were curious and in a way disgusted with this combination that turned out to be a dessert. Its virality skyrocketed in a matter of days as people were triggered and wanted to actually try it out to see if it was all actually worth it.  If you ever get the chance to try it, don’t!! But it’s your decision in the end.
  4. Chocolate Dosa :
    Hear us out! If dosa is a savoury crepe it can have a sweet filling too. Chocolate dosa is unexpectedly good. No flavour is overpowering in this particular combo. We were also skeptical to try out this combo but to our surprise, it wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be. It did get mixed reactions but not bad overall.
  5. Chocolate panipuri :
    Chocolate pani puri is a weird twist on the nation’s most famous snack. It is another extreme on the pani puri spectrum. It was received in the food world with mixed reactions, mostly backlash. Perspective on the chocolate pani puri changes after consumption though. It isn’t as bad as you think it is.
  6. Garlic Butter :
    Garlic butter gave people a chance to level up their toast game. It’s Easy to make and store and is tasty. Well, it has garlic. People weighed in on this trend bringing their own way of adding an extra element to it. As satisfying as it is to watch on social media, it is equally satisfying to make garlic butter and use it in your dishes.
  7. Make your take-out fancy :
    This was an interesting trend. People would go to fast food chains like KFC or McDonald’s and buy their food, after which they would go to a restaurant, give it to a chef and ask them to make it fancy. The chef would work on his/her magic and make a completely different dish that would look nothing like the original dish.
  8. Gigi Hadid’s Spicy Vodka Pasta :
    Spicy vodka pasta is a creamy tomato-based pasta that originated in Italy. The dish became viral when American supermodel and TV personality Gigi Hadid decided to make this specific pasta and post it on social media. This rose to be a trend where every food enthusiast replicated the dish creating a spicy vodka pasta wave.
  9. Gulab Jamun Paratha :
    If you have a sweet tooth, this dish may be the right one for you. A month ago, gulab jamun paratha came into the Indian food scene with a bang. It tastes like a richer version of puran poli. It may not have been appealing to think of but it tastes like everything good in this world.
  10. Food Hacks :
    From the 2020 lockdown till today, every food enthusiast has been keen on sharing their little kitchen trick to help others make cooking more fun and easy. The tortilla wrap hack, chopping onions, and making different sauces were all part of this trend with a wide range of food hacks.

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