Top 7 best dishes at Cookd

Top 7 best dishes at Cookd - Cookd Ventures Private Limited

There were so many dishes that received a lot of love from you’ll across all our social media platforms. Here are 7 of our recipes that received extra love and recognition on our social media platforms. We chose 7 so that you can end up trying one recipe a day and sort out your whole week!

Here are the top 7 recipes of Cookd :

  1. Egg Kheema Masala
    Elevate your regular egg recipe with this delicious and easy-to-make egg kheema masala. You can make it within 30 minutes and can be served with chapati, parotta, and dosa.
  2. Bun Parotta
    Bun Parotta is a flaky and fluffier version of the traditional parotta. It is one of the most famous and in-demand dishes in TamilNadu. Bun parotta initially was a street food but made its way into top south Indian restaurants over time because of the fame it gained. It is served with salna or kurma and tastes amazing with any chukka or varuval. If you haven’t tried out bun parotta yet, it’s never too late.
  3. White sauce chicken pasta
    This creamy and scrumptious pasta is a warm hug from a plate. It is simple but rich, easy to make, and makes you want more of it. What once was a dish you could get in a restaurant is now a part of most household kitchens. White sauce pasta is the go-to dish if people feel like eating something different other than the usual dishes. It can be made with any protein and not just chicken. If want to feel cozy on a certain day, this is definitely the dish to make.
  4. Chilli Chicken
    Chilli Chicken is the most famous Indo-Chinese starter/side dish in India. It is there on every menu from a street food stall to the most elite restaurant in the city. It’s sweet, spicy and flavourful and so good that you can’t find a flaw. No non-vegetarian in India has not had chilli chicken at least once in their lifetime. That’s how famous this dish is. Fried Rice or Noodles with chilli chicken is a match-made in heaven.
  5. Chilli Garlic Noodles
    Chilli Garlic noodles is our most popular dish on Instagram and Youtube. It’s very easy to make and has the holy trinity of flavour in its recipe. Garlic, onion, and chilli! Its aroma while cooking will make you very impatient and drool.
  6. Cheesy Tawa Burger
    This cheesy tawa burger is so cheesy that cheesy is an understatement! It became iconic due to a certain icon in the media industry and caught the attention of the common man. It’s flavourful, tasty, and filling. This burger is a must-try dish for an evening snack along with some ketchup and fries.
  7. KGF Chicken
    This dish is literal gold!! *wink wink* if you know what we mean!
    This recipe was inspired by an absolute blockbuster of a film, “KGF”. Obviously!
    Its flavour and method of preparation is an ode to the fiery and motivating feel that the movie gives to each one of us.

    *Special Mention*

Dindigul Veg Biryani
When someone says biryani, it is always associated with chicken, mutton, or the forbidden meat and there’s an ongoing joke that there’s no such thing as veg biryani and that it’s just pulao? This Dindigul vegetable biryani just shattered that barrier. This biryani means business. It is here for good to show that veg biryani isn’t pulao! If you don’t believe us, you have to try making this biryani. We’re sure you will change your mind. We did!