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The Maggi Series - Cookd Ventures Private Limited

Although at Cookd we teach beginners and veterans alike on how to make recipes from scratch and we also create products to simplify the process and make the cooking process fun, quick and enjoyable while ending up with desirable and appetizing dishes, fit to impress a crowd. 

We also take our Maggi very seriously! 

It rings all notes of nostalgia and can be a very memorable part of childhood and first cooking experiences for many individuals.
The whole process of cooking your own food as a kid in 2 minutes( or longer, honestly, it’s never cooked in 2 mins for me) was so exciting. 

Maggi isn’t just a noodle. It is an emotion. It is India’s national comfort food. It has made its way into restaurant kitchens, street food stalls, tourist destinations and every household kitchen in the country. Even after its ban, maggi hasn’t lost its spark. People still flock to buy maggi at every store. It is also a staple for students living in hostels and people who live alone. I can just keep going on and on about maggi.

This article doesn’t exist to teach you how to make maggi, something that is already displayed on the pack. Rather, here are a few variations for you to try to, dare we say, level up your Maggi game. Simple, quick, easy ways to make budget friendly meals with everyone favorite 2-Min Maggi!

1. Maggi Bhel : A crispy, crunchy maggi chaat!

2. Maggi Spring Rolls : Who knew noodles in spring rolls tasted this good, maggi even better!

3. Maggi Ramen Bowl : A warm hug in a bowl, for cold winter days!

4. Spicy Masala Maggi : For you spice lovers, relish maggi in its fiery new avatar!

Cookd on Instagram: “Eat. Sleep. Maggi. Repeat. ♥️ A bowl of flavours and deliciousness that you would always want! ✨ Spicy Masala Maggi Recipe : Oil - 1…”

5. Hill Station Veg Maggi : The nostalgia or hill station vacations and maggi stops in the side of the road! 

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6. Korean Corn and Cheese Maggi : Something worth trying for all you BTS fans out there or anyone binge watching K-dramas over the weekend! 

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7. Chicken Cheese Maggi : A simple elevation for all you meat lovers, maggi + chicken + cheese – it only gets better and better!

8. Cheesy Milk Maggi : Creamy and rich version of your favorite maggi!

9. Chilli Oil Maggi : The sensational chilli oil to elevate your familiar maggi!

10. Pizza Maggi : Can’t decide between pizza and maggi? Why not both? Together? Yes!

11. Vodka Maggi: Fit to impress a crowd or your partner at home, show off your chef skills with this version! 

12. Schezwan Egg Maggi: Spicy, eggy and a complete meal! 

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13. Sausage Maggi: Something a little fancy for meat lover! 

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14. Noodles Omlette: Time to elevate your breakfast game, why not combine eggs and maggi to make an omelette!

15. Maggi Thukpa:

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