The Best Grocery Shopping Habits

The Best Grocery Shopping Habits - Cookd Ventures Private Limited

Adulting is hard. You know what’s harder?!! Grocery shopping and deciding what’s for dinner!! But in the end you figure it out along your way and sort of get a hang of things. Here are some little trips from my own experience on some grocery shopping habits!

  • Always make a list of what you need, at home before going to the grocery store or market. We’ve all made the mistake of thinking we can remember everything we need to buy during our grocery shop run. If there’s a lot to buy, it is always safe to make a list to avoid running around 2-3 times to the store.
  • Don’t end up buying products in excess just because they are on sale. Especially the perishable ones. Buy it only if you’re sure you will use it. This will actually save you some bucks instead of thinking you got a good deal out of buying something on sale
  • If you’re looking to buy items/produce to store at home and use gradually over time, reach to the back of the shelf or pick fruits and vegetables from underneath. The fresher produce is always kept at the back.
  • If you have leftovers at home, the next time you go out grocery shopping think of what you can get that can be used to consume along with the leftover produce/products you already have at home
  • Get to know the places you buy your groceries and produce from.Analyse who has what in terms of quality, quantity and price points.Try to fit in most of your shopping list at one place. It is okay to take a detour to another market/store to get a certain specific ingredient/product you want.
  • Make sure to check what you have at home and how long it will last for in the near future. This will help in not ending up with an excess of one product. Sometimes it is better to finish something completely then refill it rather than stocking up even before your previous stock is over. This will save you some bucks as well as give you a chance to buy and consume fresh products.  
  • There’s a fine line of difference between a want and need. It is better to separate these two categories while shopping for groceries. Needs weigh in at a household more than wants. At times it can be confusing because both needs and wants are recurring. Learning the difference between these two can make a world of a difference in your daily life. It will save expenditure, keep you more organized, minimize over-stocking. minimize wastage.

    Also, once in a while it is fun to ride on a shopping trolley! You should try it out sometime. Don’t come to me if security catches you!! Haha!