Onions making you cry? Not anymore.

Onions making you cry? Not anymore. - Cookd Ventures Private Limited

Did you know that Sachin holds the 2nd place record for making the most people cry, by announcing his retirement? The 1st place is still held by the onion. Let’s tackle this ingredient today:

Let’s start by peeling the onion. Cut a small part from the top and the bottom. Make a small vertical slit on the onion, and peel off the skin. Peel off enough layers to get rid of the rough skin (the number of layers might vary from one onion to another). 

While fine-chopping the onions, avoid cutting the yellow part. This is because once you cut it, it releases the compounds that make you tear up. 

But while slicing an onion, the method is a little different. For nice, separate onion slices, we don’t need the yellow part at the bottom. You don’t need it and it also makes you cry? Cut it off, just like your toxic ex!

A few more tips for tear-free onion cutting are:
Use a sharp knife for cutting onions. This ensures that less juices are released, and therefore, lesser tears. 

You can also peel and freeze the onions. This deactivates the compound in the onion that makes you cry. Take it out of the freezer and use it as needed. 

If you’ve tried any of these tips before or if you have a personal tip that you use, share it in the comments and save a few tears.

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