Old School Summer

Old School Summer

Guess who’s here after 10 long months?

The hot (literally!) and happening summer!

It’s here brighter than ever, bringing in its dark yellow rays and humid air!

Now, when we speak about summer, all you can think about is the scorching heat, mind-wrecking tans, tiring sweats, and the perfect summer body which, let's be real, exists mostly in our minds!

But hey, guess what else? 

It’s the taste of all the soothing summer treats that we get to relish with the arrival of summer!

From plumpy mangoes to deliciously sweet tender coconut, from juicy watermelons to fragrant rose milk, from refreshing mojitos to creamy thick shakes, it’s the time of the year to indulge in all our favourite desserts and drinks!

Summer for Indians is basically that one cousin whom we see once in a year.

You're eager for their arrival, annoyed when they are there, sad to see them go, but secretly miss their unique vibe when they're gone.

As we dive into yet another love-hate relationship with summer this year, let's take a nostalgic trip back to the good old days, reminiscing about some of the cherished summer treats that brought joy to our childhood!

Number 1, Mangoes 

Wait! we can already see you rolling your eyes and going: “Mango isn’t from the good old days! It’s evergreen!” 

Yes! We agree too! Mangoes define summer. Mangoes are the true essence of summer. It belongs to everyone including the Gen Zs.

But hear us out!!!!!!

Back in the day, eating a mango was more than just a snack, or an Instagram story, it was an adventure. 

It meant climbing a tall mango tree with friends and cousins below, pretending to be ready to catch us if we fell (though they were clueless). 

Gathering armfuls of mangoes, struggling to hold them all, then sneaking off to a secret hideout to devour them with pure joy. 

Remember when we tossed eating etiquette out the window and savored juicy mangoes without a worry about how we looked afterward?

Do today's kids even know this simple pleasure? That's why mangoes were extra special back in the good old days!

Number 2, you’re going to love thisssss!

Copyrights owned by Arun Ice Creams

The legendary Vanilla Ball Ice Cream by Arun!

Recall using those tiny wooden spoons to scoop out the creamy vanilla goodness from the ball-shaped cup? 

It was a taste of sweet nostalgia!

And who could forget the clever recycling? 

Gathering up those empty balls to transform them into makeshift cricket balls or for a lively game of catch-catch with friends. 

We've been stuck in this timeless debate: 

Do we dive into the ice cream or turn that ball into our next plaything? 

And you know what? It's a question that still keeps us guessing!

Okay! Moving on to Number 3!

Copyrights owned by Rasna International

We really miss this Summer favourite!

Amidst all the wallet drying milkshakes and coolers this was one simple ingredient which just cost a rupee and gave us back a million dollar satisfaction!

We can already see you guessing it right!

So we’ll just go ahead and say it! The easy-to-make Rasna!

From lazy sunny evenings to in-between breaks during a hot day’s play, Rasna was one hell of a company for everyone that spent their summer under the sun.

It was refreshing, tasty, and made intolerable summer afternoons absolutely beautiful!

Number 4, Ice candy!

Popsicle what? 

When Ice candy enters the summer stage every other cold treat is a side character.

Simple yet mind-blowing, this delight was that one good treat that you could enjoy slowly but surely.

An ice candy on an annoying summer day can neverrrrr goooo wrongggg!

Last but not least!

In the realm of sweet treats, one stands out with many names.

Paal ice, Kuchi ice, Semiya ice, and more, depending on where you are.

This dessert quietly emerged in the 80s, often overlooked but loved by those who knew it.

Simple and understated, it's now largely forgotten, but for 80s kids, it was a favourite.

Served from adorable ice cream tricycles, the sound of their bells was music to their ears.

These were the top 5 treats which came to our minds when we thought about old school summer.

Have something in your mind that we missed out on this list?

Let us know for sure!