New Year New Flavours: Culinary Delights to Kickstart 2024 with a Bang!

New Year New Flavours: Culinary Delights to Kickstart 2024 with a Bang!

As we greet the first moments of 2024, it's time to celebrate with a feast that brings together global culinary traditions, each with its unique story. In India, where we relish the richness of diverse flavours, incorporating international culinary practices into our New Year's feast adds an exciting and educational dimension to our celebrations.

1. Southern United States: Symbolising Wealth and Health

USA Southern New YearDay Dish

In the southern US, the combination of black-eyed peas, collard greens, and cornbread signifies wealth and health. Imagine transforming this tradition with an Indian twist: black-eyed peas (Karamani) cooked in masala gravy or made as Sundal. Collard greens poriyal, also known as seemai parattai keerai in Tamil or as a saag dish, and cornbread as Makki di Roti. This fusion respects the original symbolism and infuses it with familiar Indian flavours.

 Did you know?

It's believed that consuming exactly 365 black-eyed peas on New Year's Day, each representing a day of the year, brings good luck for every day of the coming year!

2. Chinese Dumplings: Embodying Prosperity


Dumplings during Chinese New Year symbolises prosperity. Giving them an Indian makeover with paneer and spices, steamed and served with tamarind chutney, combines Chinese symbolism with Indian culinary aesthetics. This fusion embodies the spirit of prosperity in a package that appeals to the Indian palate.

3. Italian and Brazilian Lentils: Coins of Fortune

Different type of lentils

Lentils, resembling coins, are a New Year's Eve tradition in Italy and Brazil, believed to bring good fortune. In India, lentils are a staple. Preparing them as Dal Makhani or Panchratna Dal aligns with the theme of prosperity and highlights the versatility of Indian cuisine. Or even everyone's favourite Sambar - we'll leave the choice up to you: Tamil Nadu vs Udupi style or Tiffin vs Lunch preparation style, because let's embrace diversity and the freedom to choose this year! 

4. Russian Olivier Salad: A Fusion of Flavours

Russian Olivier Salad

The Olivier Salad is a Russian New Year staple, symbolising festivity, and unity. Indianising it with boiled vegetables and a spiced mayo or hung curd dressing brings a creamy and flavourful twist to this symbol of celebration.

5. Spanish Grape Tradition: Sweet Luck for Each Month

Spanish Grape Tradition

Eating 12 grapes at midnight is a Spanish tradition, with each grape signifying luck for the months ahead. Adopting this practice in India is a simple way to blend cultural traditions and bring a sweet start to each month of the New Year. In 2023, social media taught us an interesting method to enjoy grapes: tossed in lemon juice, coated in sugar, and then frozen, these grapes turn into a delightful frozen treat!

6. Japanese Osechi-ryori: A Thali of Good Wishes

Osechi ryori

The Japanese Osechi-ryori, comprising various symbolic dishes, emphasises health, happiness, and prosperity. An Indian thali, with small portions of dishes, each carrying a specific significance, mirrors this tradition, celebrating the unity in diversity and richness of life.

Try these this year, as they are not just part of the festive menu but also carry deep cultural significance, symbolising hopes and wishes for the new year. Each dish tells a story of heritage and the universal desire for happiness and prosperity. In celebrating these culinary traditions, we embrace a world of diverse cultures united by the common language of food and the shared joy of a new beginning. 

Happy New Year from all of us at Cookd! May your 2024 be filled with joy, prosperity, and, of course, delicious food. Let's cook up some wonderful memories together this year!