My mission is incomplete..

My mission is incomplete.. - Cookd Ventures Private Limited

Cookd was born to address the pain points of home cooks, like YOU and ME. But is it even right to continue solving the pains of home-cooks without even speaking to you? 

Because how often did you have a real conversation with us? Apart from our marketing emails or WhatsApp messages. 

Very rarely, right? 

This mistake keeps me up at night. 

We heard from our wellwishers and Cookd fans that we don’t show enough about what we do at Cookd. From the outside, it feels like we are creating pleasing recipe videos and posting on different channels. But there is more. Behind every video, every feature in the App, and every product, there are serious thoughts about how we make your cooking life easy. 

And we want to show and share all of this with you. Think of a channel where we share everything that happens at Cookd – the wins, failures, highs, and lows. A place where we are eager to hear your opinion. A platform where you get to decide what Cookd should launch next. 

Our mission is not just to build Cookd. But to build Cookd with you and for you. 

You treat us as family members. Likewise, we want to share our stories, and listen to how you mess up in the kitchen, and your problems when it comes to cooking so that we could build better solutions for you. We want to be HEARD, and we want to HEAR from you. And this is our step toward that. 

வாங்க பழகலாம்! (Come let’s get to know each other).