Music & Cooking- The feel good factor!

Music & Cooking- The feel good factor! - Cookd Ventures Private Limited

At our studio, we have a friend that’s been a part of nearly every shoot we’ve done. The cinematographers, chefs, and creators in each shoot keep changing, but she’s always remained constant. Now, if you’re thinking of any particular person, your guess is probably wrong.

We’re talking about our dear speaker, a modest Google Home unit. 

We might have differences over our choice of music, but we’re all unified over the fact that music is necessary while cooking. This is also evident in a few of our reels & videos, where the music choice is definitely influenced by our personal taste in music. 

If you ever walk into our studio, you’d see us working while grooving to any music ranging from Raaja’s sir’s classics, classic rock music, the latest Tamil songs, or even trending reels music! If you want to see some amazing cinematography combining food and music, do watch the intro to the Netflix show ‘The Chef’s Table, which pairs visuals of elegant fine dining cuisine with music from Vivaldi’s 4 seasons. We’ve drawn inspiration from this to create our series of short videos titled ‘gourmet series’. But, you might see a stark contrast in our videos, with the following video being Kothu Parotta accompanied by some high-energy Tamil kuthu!

Do you listen to music while cooking?