Morning Delights to Evening Extravaganza: A Diwali Feast to Remember

Morning Delights to Evening Extravaganza: A Diwali Feast to Remember

Ah, Diwali! The festival of lights, endless crackers, and the undeniable aroma of mouthwatering delicacies fill every nook and corner of our homes. If there's a day to break all diets and indulge in an extravaganza, it's Diwali! After all, isn't it the day when calories don't count, and taste buds reign supreme?

The day starts with a gentle push from our loving mom or an energetic elder, swaying us to rise from our cosy beds for the much-anticipated oil bath. Now, let's be honest: the only thing that could coax us out of our warm bed at that super-early hour is the promise of a scrumptious breakfast. And boy, does it never disappoint! 

Picture this: hot, steamy Idlis accompanied by an irresistible mutton gravy that could make even the most 'idli-haters' reconsider their life choices. Come on, who can resist this divine combo? It's like a symphony of flavours dancing. If only every morning could start like this - now, that would be the ultimate bliss! Don't forget to try our Curry Paste to take this excitement to a whole new level!

As the forenoon progresses, the excitement builds with the anticipation of the upcoming activities. From bursting crackers to eagerly watching the special Diwali television programs, our energy levels soar. But hold on, it's not over yet! The next highlight of the day is - the legendary Diwali lunch.

And what's a Diwali feast without the king of Indian cuisine - Biryani? Oh, the aromatic spices, the tender meat, the perfectly cooked rice - it's a celebration on a plate! But why settle for just one variety when you can have three different iconic biryanis with Cookd's biryani kit range?

As the sun sets and the moon rises, the day transitions into a whole new level of jubilation. Diwali dinner parties are not just about good food; they're about celebrating life, happiness, and the joy of togetherness. And what better way to elevate the festivities than with a spread that sets the mood for a night to remember?

The table is adorned with an array of delectable dishes, the air filled with the laughter and chatter of friends and family, and the unmistakable aroma of rich, flavourful gravies tantalising our senses. Cookd's fried chicken and Madras 65, alongside the rich butter masala gravy, add an irresistible charm to the evening dinner party. 

And don’t forget to try our latest add-on - the Crispy Fried Veggies Kit! Don't miss out!

So, celebrate this Diwali with Cookd, indulging in the finest flavours and creating cherished memories with your loved ones. 

Wishing you all a very happy and safe Diwali filled with light, laughter, and the joy of good food!