Mango Sap- Our Friend or Foe?

Mango Sap- Our Friend or Foe?

The smell is everywhere, and we know you can smell it 😉


Are you confused about what you're reading here?


Well, let's keep the suspense aside, and it's about our National Fruit MANGO!!!


The fruit is liked and eaten all-over-the world for its lip-smackingly delicious taste, whereas tasters would struggle to describe the taste of the fruit!


The only reason some people like summer is just because of these tasty mangoes!!!


As it's the season of 'Mangoes,' we can see every household has a plethora of mango dishes! Starting from traditional mouthwatering pickles and aam panna to delectable foreign dishes!!!

Undoubtedly, Mango has got everyone's hearts for many reasons. So, it's a kind and gentle reminder for you all to be extra safe while pulling out mangoes from their stalks. We all very well know that they have a liquid in their stems that gets expelled due to pressure. The fruits throw out the highly acidic sap, with a pH of 4.3 that causes skin redness, itching, and even swelling. This is due to the toxin called Urushiol!

Important note- The sap can even squirt up to 10ft!!! Doesn't it sound scary? Beware of this and safeguard your eyes too!

Mango Lovers: Are you a hero or a villain?

Mango: I'm a hero and a villain!

This may sound crazy, but that's the fact 😀

On the contrary, though the mango sap is dangerous, it still has some good usages. 

  • The mango sap is used as a flavoring and a preservative in food.
  • It is used for skin whitening and other skin care treatments.
  • It is used in treating the stings of honey bees.
  • Its aroma and antibacterial properties help in the food industry.
  • It has enzymes that are beneficial for our body.


These are the major good things about the mango sap :)

As we know, how a coin has two sides, similarly mangoes of different varieties hold some miracles and weaknesses as well.

So, handle mangoes with care to enjoy their yumminess :)) Never miss them at any cost 😉


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