Chicken 65: The Best Indian Non-Veg Starter For The Party

Chicken 65: The Best Indian Non-Veg Starter For The Party

Are you ready to rock the party with some mouthwatering fun and excitement? Spice up your party with Chicken 65! Let the flavours dance, and your taste buds groove! Be the star chef of the night with this 20-minute magic!


Did you know that the key to a successful party is not just the fun and games but also the delightful food that brings everyone together? Especially, no starters and sides, no party! The ultimate recipe for the fun-filled party is undoubtedly Chicken 65. It is the most delicious and versatile dish. Name it a starter or side - it matches the beat.

It's a true celebration of flavours that will make your party an unforgettable experience. You can pair this delectable delight with some mint chutney or a tangy sauce that will give it an extra kick.

But hold on to your chef's hat because here's the best part: with Cookd's Madras 65 Masala, you can whip up this crispy Chicken 65 in just 20 minutes! Yes, you heard it right - in just 20 minutes! Forget spending hours in the kitchen; we have the perfect solution to blow your mind. Keep reading to discover the secret behind this fantastic dish!

Chicken 65: A Must-Try Indian Delight

Turn your place into THE party hotspot! Oh, curious about how? Chicken 65 is so delicious, with mouth-watering flavours that are irresistible! Now, your guests won't be able to resist coming over for more!

Just imagine experiencing true bliss with Chicken 65: a juicy, crispy delight infused with Indian spices like red chilli powder, garam masala powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder, and cumin powder, along with ginger garlic paste. Fascinating right? That's Chicken 65 for you!

 Did you know?

There are a few amusing theories about the origin of Chicken 65. Some say it took 65 attempts to perfect the recipe, while others claim it was the 65th item on the menu. But do you know the fact?

The fact is that Chicken 65 originated in 1965 at Buhari Restaurant in Chennai!

A.M. Buhari created this legendary dish to welcome Indian soldiers returning home; it quickly gained popularity and became the favourite dish for many.

Originating as a warm welcome for soldiers, Chicken 65 continues to be the best choice for welcoming guests and turning parties into unforgettable ones!

But wait, it gets even better! Now you can prepare this delicious dish with just 3 simple steps in just 20 minutes using Cookd’s Madras 65 Masala. Isn't that absolutely fantastic?

Visit our recipe page to watch and read a detailed, step-by-step recipe

Summing up

Get ready for a flavour explosion with Chicken 65, the lip-smacking dish ever! This super-duper Indian delight will totally rock any party you throw and make your guests go "Wow!"

And guess what? Cookd's Madras 65 Masala is here to save the day and make cooking fun! In just 20 minutes, you'll be cooking the best party starter with this Masala. It's like magic—sprinkle the awesome spices, follow the simple steps, and voila! Crispy and oh-so-yummy chicken is ready!

Imagine your friends' faces when they taste this Chicken 65. They'll be like, "More, please!" So, without further ado, plan your party and effortlessly prepare a batch of this delicious appetizer. Spend more time enjoying the moments with your family or friends!


1. Can we make crispy Chicken 65 at home?

Yes, you can make crispy Chicken 65 at home in just 20 mins using Cookd's Madras 65 Masala.

2. What is the cost of Cookd's Madras 65 Masala?

A pack of 2 Cookd's Madras 65 Masala costs Rs. 198, which includes tax.

3. Is the Masala suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, Cookd's Madras 65 Masala allows you to replace chicken with options like paneer, soya, vegetables, and mushroom.

4. How long does it take to prepare a crispy Chicken 65 at home?

Making crispy Chicken 65 at home will take just 20 minutes with Cookd's Madras 65 Masala.