Beware of Colours! Or It's time to switch to natural colours!

Beware of Colours! Or It's time to switch to natural colours! - Cookd Ventures Private Limited

Holi, we all know how beautiful the celebration is and the joy of splashing colours on our friends and families to spread happy vibes. 

The festival is known for the beautiful colours and the fun behind playing with colours and ending up with nice tasty food. So, here the colours and the foods play a crucial role in the Holi celebration. 

Also, some say that each colour holds a uniqueness and indicates specific emotions and grants people unity with bright colours. In other words, Holi marks the significance of sharing love and oneness. 

Well, as we all know the importance of colours in the festive time, we must think about our health too...

Yes, Holi is also about tasty food!

What colours are you using to kindle the appetite?Are they safe for your health? 

Bringing to your attention that artificial food colours are NOT safe at all!!!

They cause hazardous health problems in all age groups, as these are prepared using harmful chemicals. They include lead and other additives that can even cause cancer!

We hope you understand the serious note behind our words. Yes, it's time to say NO to artificial colours in your food and switch to natural food colours that will look attractive yet very healthy. We can prepare these natural colours at home using plant-based ingredients. 

So here you go,

Things you need to prepare colour RED:

Beetroot 2 nos

Sugar 1/2 cup

Lemon juice


1. Take the beetroots and add them to a blender with water. 

2. Blend them into juice.

3. Strain the juice using a muslin cloth or use a fine strainer. 

4. Add the juice to a pan along with sugar.

5. Now cook it until the juice becomes thick & a syrup-like consistency. 

6. Add a squeeze of lemon juice to prevent it from crystallizing.

7. Once it cools, transfer it into a bottle. And there you go!

Your homemade red food colour is ready!

You can add this guilt-free colour to your tandoori chicken, red velvet cakes and halwas! 

Have a safe & happy Holi!

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