A day in the life of a food video editor

A day in the life of a food video editor - Cookd Ventures Private Limited

Hi Tasters! I’m a Video Editor at Cookd, one of the people behind the recipe videos and reels you see across our social media pages. We’re a team of 4.

This write-up is a little deep dive into our world so hang on tight for the ride! 

Before we start shooting images/ videos, members from the various teams spend time planning out the entire flow of the video and conceptualizing it. Right from the lighting, cooking style, and editing pattern up to the actual publishing on social media.

Then comes execution as per this plan. Do we do it to the finest detail planned? Yes, absolutely! We only change plans if we spontaneously think of something better than the plan! 

Then, the entire video footage is viewed once in its entirety before we start to edit. This is to get an idea of how to cut the video, what kind of transitions to use, and select the right audio. 

Although it might not seem important, choosing the right audio/ song is the hardest thing for every ih-house video editor, the video cuts syncing with the audio always adds to the extra visual effect! 

Once the video cuts are done, the culinary team assist us with the text instructions and ingredients to be added as part of the video. 

If a voice-over is required, it will be recorded once the edit is over. 

Then comes the next contribution, the social media team will do a quality check, and then the video will be published across all platforms by them.

The only thing running through our minds while editing is that thousands of people are gonna see this video and try the recipes in their homes. The video should be neat and easy to follow. At the same time, it should be visually appealing. Nothing short of perfection will do, so we keep the edits crisp like our “Cookd Fried Kit”(*wink wink*). 

What keeps us driven every day? It’s simple, the fuel you give us in the comment sections.

It motivates us to give more simple but creative, visually stunning, and wonderful recipes. 

We strongly believe that our creation is a treat for your visual sense.