A Beginners Guide To Cooking

A Beginners Guide To Cooking - Cookd Ventures Private Limited

Cooking is an art anyone can learn. It can be tough, easy, therapeutic or very tiring but there’s always something satisfying about getting that dish cooked and served. 

Brownie points if the dish is complimented. 

Cooking can differ from household to household and each of them have their own way of preparation, methods used and tiny little tips and tricks that help them cook easier and faster. 

Here are some of our tips and tricks to guide you to start cooking or perhaps cook better than you already were: 

  1. Always make sure your preparation is ready before you actually start cooking.

(ex – washing and cutting vegetables and meat, keep water for boiling) Fancy term of the day: “Mise-en-place” or the preparation of ingredients before the beginning of cooking.

  1.  Clean as you go.
    Always make sure to keep cleaning your surroundings when you complete a step. This will make you feel comfortable working in that space, and you can enjoy the cooking when there’s less cleaning at the end! 
  2. Use sharp knives, always. Using a dull knife wil cause you to use greater force, which could increase your chance of injury.
  3. Buy basic utensils like a pot for boiling, a frying pan, a tawa, strainer, peeler etc,. 
  4. Stock up on basic ingredients like rice, pulses, masalas etc., once every month based on your usage. Basic pantry staples are essential for a smooth cooking experience. 
  5. Keep your favourite (*Cookd ) recipes handy.
  6. Always follow the recipe to the dot if you’re making it for the first time.

Here are some easy and tasty recipes to help you begin cooking :

Mushroom Masala
– This mushroom masala is everything you need if you’re someone cooking for the first time. It is super easy to make but so tasty and flavourful, it will make it look like you’ve actually been cooking for a while.

Creamy Curd Rice
– Elevate your regular curd rice with this easy but so comforting, it feels like a warm hug.

Chicken 65
– Chennai’s favourite dish!! Make this and you’re the alpha in your gang. If you’re making this for the first time, follow the recipe and instructions to the dot. This will be the best starter/side dish you would have ever made.

Creamy Chicken

 Easy Paneer Gravy

World’s Easiest Mutton Curry
– Cooking mutton is tough! This recipe breaks all those barriers. Do try it.

Masala Egg Rolls
– Breakfast, lunch. evening snack or dinner. Masala egg roll is an all rounder. It is probably one of the easiest dish you can make.

Masala Egg and cheese toast

Cooker Vegetable Pulao

Carrot and Beans Poriyal

One Pot Kerala Chicken Roast
– All the flavours and goodness of kerala, in one pot.

Bachelor’s Chicken Curry
– Bachelor’s assemble!!!! A Chicken curry so easy, you’ll only be chilling.

Dhaba Style Paneer Curry

Paneer Pakoda