A beginner’s guide to food photography, on a smartphone!

A beginner’s guide to food photography, on a smartphone! - Cookd Ventures Private Limited

Considering every phone from a budget price to an exuberant price has a good camera, clicking photos with a smartphone has become a trend. It is convenient, with no complicated buttons or extra equipment required.

Here are a few tips to click good photos with your phone :

  • Make sure to toggle around every feature the camera has to offer. Get to know what every feature does and experiment with it
  • Learn to adjust the focus brightness according to the lighting in your surroundings.
  • Get an idea of how you want the photo to turn out.
  • Make sure the lighting is favourable, be it in a studio or natural light.
  • For food specifically, don’t click a picture with a filter. Editing will be a nightmare and the outcome will not be satisfactory
  • Most phone cameras now have a pro mode with iso and aperture settings. Experiment with it to figure out the amount of light captured with each setting. Most of the time it will be on auto mode. Make note of the setting in that auto mode while clicking a picture. It will be of some help someday when the settings have to be done manually
  • Phone cameras in general tend to auto-process the photos to make them look vibrant. So, understand the colour palette you’re working with and the surroundings. Make sure that your main product in focus isn’t overpowered by the surrounding props/set etc.
  • Clicking one photo and expecting it to be nice won’t work. Always click multiple photos to choose from later on.
  • Never shoot photos too close to the object in focus. Always keep a distance. The extra space can always be cropped out.

Let us know if these tips were useful! What else would you like to know?