How to Care for your Neem Wood Spoons?

By Naveen T Oct 12, 20

Neem Wood Spoons 101

Cookd's Neem Wood Spoons are handmade from a single block of superior quality wood. These wooden spoons are 100% natural and safe for all cooking purposes. A Neem Wood Spoon is the healthiest choice that your family deserves.

Why should you choose neem wood spoons? Because they are 100% natural, 101% safe, 200% eco friendly and very stylist. 

2-Step Neem Wood Spoon Cleaning Method

Wash the spoons.

Step 1 Wash

Wash using mild soap and water. Do not soak the spoon in water for too long.

Step 2 Dry

Dry the spoon completely before using it. If the spoon is too dry, rub very little cooking oil on the spoon before use.

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