Frequently Asked Questions
We'll answer before you ask
How can I track my order?
Once you successfully place your order, we’ll share your tracking link via Email and WhatsApp so you can keep an eye on your goodies till they come home!
Can the products be consumed by pregnant women and kids?
All our products are safe to consume for kids and elders. Since we don’t add MSG, all our products are safe for pregnant women, too!
Do we need to add pre-cooked proteins or vegetables?
Our products produce the best results using raw and fresh ingredients, vegetables or proteins.
Where do you source your ingredients from?
We source all our ingredients from the best suppliers in the country to ensure we deliver you the freshest products!
How are our products different from other ready-to-cook products?

All of our products use the freshest ingredients and are trialled extensively by our chefs to ensure each product consistently matches restaurant quality deliciousness.

All our products are extremely versatile, meaning you can cook 10 (or more) different dishes using a single product effortlessly! We attach video recipes inside each pack which you can access by scanning the QR code!

How do I cancel an order?
All orders can be cancelled with a 0% cancellation fee as long as the cancellation is done before we ship the product.
Are your products available for purchase offline?
As of now, our products are available online only. In the future we may be available in retail stores, based on your love and support of course!
How do we store the products once they’re opened?
Once opened, refrigerate in an airtight container for up to 3 days.
Does the cooking time include prep time?
The cooking time doesn’t include prep time as our products don’t require too much prep work in the first place. We estimate that prep time will take an additional 10-15 mins.
How are the Cookd products made?

Our products are crafted after a rigorous and thoughtfully planned process of R&D followed by production in a state of the art manufacturing facility.

How do I make the Cookd team happy?

By clicking the Shop Now button below and ordering our products :)

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