Red Clay Pot Set with Lid (1,2,3 litres)

Red Clay Pot Set with Lid (1,2,3 litres)

Rs 1,399.00

Rs 1,657.00

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A set of 3 Red Clay with lid pots is a must-have in any Indian kitchen to cook a variety of Indian curries and gravies in the most authentic and flavourful way.


 Volume  Can Cook For
1,2,3 litres 1 - 8 Persons


  • Handmade using traditional pottery techniques
  • Made using the best quality mud and sand from the fertile lands of Kerala
  • 100% natural, unglazed, pure clay pot
  • Double Kilned for black color and extra durability

Benefits of using a Claypot:

  • Promotes easier digestion of food: alkaline nature of clay neutralizes the acidity of the food and maintains the pH balance.
  • Beneficial to health: provides minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, and sulfur.
  • Food is extremely flavourful and tasty: the porous nature of claypot retains the moisture and aroma.


Product Care & Recipes to try with the product:




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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Neville Pinto
Bad packing

Sorry to say the 3 litre utensil came broken. Today I opened the box and was shocked to get the above utensil broken at the side.

Sangita Rajani .

Red Clay Pot Set with Lid (1,2,3 litres)

Dhananjay Gole

Red Clay Pot Set with Lid (1,2,3 litres)


Satisfied with these products.

Aastha Shad
It was a bad purchase

The lid of one of the pits was of a different colour and texture, almost seemed like it was made rather quickly. The pots have a distinct chemical like smell of some coating possibly. (not the earthy fragrance I was expecting in food). They were a waste for me.