How to Season and Care for your Earthenware?

By Aathitiyan Somu Oct 04, 20

Earthenware Pots 101

Cookd's earthenware pots are handmade using traditional pottery techniques. Crafted using the best quality mud from the fertile soils of Kerala, the Earthenware Clay Pots, Kadai, and Fry Pans preserve 100% nutritive value of your dishes.

Why should you choose earthenware? Because it promotes a sustainable, healthy approach to cooking, naturally adds extra flavour and taste to your food and promotes easier digestion of food. 

4-Step Earthenware Pot Seasoning Method

Point to note: Do not forget to follow the seasoning steps before first-time use. 

Step 1 Immerse in Water

Step 1 - Immerse in water

Take the earthenware pot and immerse it in water for a couple of hours, preferably overnight.

Step 2 Scrub

Step 2 - Scrub the mud off

Scrub off the mud inside the claypot using a scrubber (do not use soap or dishwashing liquid). And let it dry completely in sunlight.

Step 3 Oil

Step 3 - Apply oil

Rub a very light layer of cooking oil onto the inside and outside surface of your pot. 

Step 4 Heat

Step 4 - Heat the pot

Fill the 3/4th of the pot with water, place the pot on a gas stove and bring the water to a boil and simmer for 30 mins. Then, r
emove the pot from heat and allow the water to cool. Discard the water and wash it once again with a scrub and dry the pot in sunlight.

Point to note: If you season earthenware pots accurately, the pot becomes durable and lasts for a longer period.

5 Tips to Maintain and Care Your Earthenware Pots

    1. When using the pot on a gas stove, first start on low heat and gradually increase the heat. Sudden rise or fall of temperature leads to cracking of the pot.

    2. Spoons to use while cooking on pots: use wooden spoons or spatulas and avoid metallic ones as metal would scrap the mud off the pot.

    3. Fighting hard stains: Fill the pot with hot water and wait for 30 minutes, discard the water and scrub it using a stiff brush.

    4. Do not place hot clay pots on cold or cool surfaces. Always place on wood or on a towel. 

    5. Do not clean the pots with soap or dishwashing liquid. Since the pots are porous in nature, the soap or liquid will leach into the food when the pot is used the next time. Clean the claypot with just water and scrub.

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